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Appalachian Brewing Company of Collegeville
50 West Third Avenue
Collegeville PA 19426

This is at the intersection of West Third Avenue & Chestnut St. in Collegeville.  Unfortunately there is a shopping center in adjacent Trappe with an identical street address (Trappe & Collegeville share the same zip code; Third Ave in Trappe is PA-113).

GPS & Google Map Users; please ensure you are headed to the correct location!  It is best to use the intersection of Chestnut Street & West 3rd Ave. or “Appalachian Brewing Company”  for GPS purposes. 

Alternatively, try locating the Quick Stop Convenience Store at 310 East Main St. on Collegeville, which is around the corner from Appalachian Brewing Company. 

If your GPS or MAPPING SOFTWARE sends you astray, you might end up in the “Trappe Center” shopping center in Trappe 1.5 miles away, which also has a West Third Ave address

If you end up in “Trappe Center”, exit the parking lot toward Main St.
Turn Right onto Main St.
You will soon pass Ursinus College on your left
The numbered streets will now be in descending order
Turn Right at Third Ave (where the Quick Stop is)

Turn Left onto Chestnut St.
Turn Left into the parking Lot; you have arrived at the Oktoberfest Ride



FREE Parking is available at the Collegeville Station Parking Lot, outside of Appalachian Brewing Company.  Please park only in designated areas.


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