Strava KOM/QOM Challenge

Just for giggles, we are having a King/Queen of the Mountains Challenge as part of the Oktoberfest Ride.  All Oktoberfest Ride registrants are eligible to participate in this challenge, free of charge, if they use a GPS-enabled device or a smart phone, and upload the data via Strava.  To participate:

  • If you are not already a registered user, sign up at Strava.  They offer free accounts, but their premium accounts have more features.
  • Registered riders must join the Oktoberfest 2017 Strava Club. You may do so prior to the event (we’ll send pre-registrants an invitation just before the event)
  • All Registered Riders must provide us with their Strava User (Screen Name) during registration.  If you haven’t provided this, please send us an email message with it.
  • After you finish your ride, please save the file and upload it to Strava as soon as possible; your results will automatically be included in the KOM Challenge.   You will automatically be ranked according to gender.  If you have a premium membership, you will able to see the results via age groups as well.
  • After November 5th, we will publish the final results sorted by overall, gender, and age groups for a select set of KOMs/QOMs.  The results as shown on Strava may vary from the official results (due to others riding the section that day; we will eliminate non Oktoberfest participants from the official results).
  • Riders may rank and view their standings on any of the Strava segments included in the route (look under “My Clubs” in your Strava Dashboard).

These climbs were made famous during the Univest Grand Prix Road Race and served as the backbone of the race’s KOM competition.  

Please remember that you are on roads that are open to traffic, so obey all rules of the road, stay to the right at all times, and exercise caution when passing other riders.  This challenge is for personal satisfaction; it is not a race, and we are not presenting any awards or prizes, so the only thing up for grabs are bragging rights, fleeting admiration, ridicule, and accusations of cheating.