What is the Schedule at a Glance?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

6:45am – 8:15 am – Registration and Packet Pick up at Appalachian Brewing Company
8:30am – 46 & 62 Mile Ride Mass Start
1:45pm – Course Closes
3:30pm – Post Ride Food and Beer Closes

Map to Appalachian Brewing Company


Who can ride?
The Oktoberfest Ride is open to any cyclist who wants to participate.  Riders under 18 must have the written permission of their parent or guardian (parents must sign the event waiver).  It is a fairly hilly course, so please be sure you are up for the challenge.  

I don’t ride, but I want to participate in the Oktoberfest Ride– what can I do?

Volunteering at a rest stop or at the start/finish area is an excellent way to be part of the event. 

Please see our Volunteer Page for more information and to sign up.

My family is coming with me, but are not riding – what is there for them to do while I am riding?

The area has a lot of family friendly attractions in Montgomery County.  Please see: and  Your family is also welcome to join you post ride at Appalachian Brewing Company.  Companion Passes are available on BikeReg, and may be available on-site.  They can also order off the menu, if so desired. 

Are there restrooms at the start, finish, and on the course?

Yes, restrooms are available at the Start/Finish Area. All Aid Stations are equipped with porta-potties as well.

Will bad weather cancel the Oktoberfest Ride?
No, the Oktoberfest Ride will be held rain or shine, unless a state of emergency is declared by local authorities, or local authorities determine that the event cannot proceed safely.

The Oktoberfest Ride Organizers reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the event at its sole discretion.

In the event of serious storms, please check this website the morning of the ride.  An email message will also be sent to all pre-registered participants. 

Is the Oktoberfest Ride a Race?
No, the Oktoberfest Ride is not a race, but it is a challenging mass participation recreational ride.  The roads are open to traffic and there are no prizes for finishing order.  All riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace, and enjoy the wonderful routes.  Participants must obey all traffic rules and are responsible for their own safety.

Are the roads closed to traffic?

Though we will receive a police escort for the first few miles, this ride is conducted on open roads.  Riders must obey all traffic laws at all times, and ride on the right hand side of the street.  Riders must follow the instructions of police officers, or risk citation and disqualification from the event.  

How fast do I have to ride?

The Finish line closes 1:45 PM.  All riders must be finished at this time.  This equates to an average pace of 12.0 MPH (including stops) for the long course.  You can ride at the pace you want, as long as you maintain this average for the long course, but are required to ride safely and within your capabilities at all times.

The aid stations have opening and closing times; participants who do not arrive within their operating hours will be left without services.   

How do riders line up at the start?

The Oktoberfest Ride features a Mass Start, so everyone starts together, regardless of the course you are riding.  As the event is not a start-to-finish race, it doesn’t matter what your starting position is.  

However, to prevent as much interference as possible, we highly encourage beginner and slower riders to line up at the back of the group, and faster, more experienced riders to line up at the front, this way everyone will be able to ride their own pace unobstructed. 

I’m riding the event with my friends. Can we all line up together?


Is there food at the finish?

Yes, food and beverages will be served at the finish at Appalachian Brewing Company.  

The post ride meal is free for all participants. You need to have your wrist band for entry.  Oktoberfest Ride participants over age 21 will receive 2 coupons for complimentary beer.   Companion Passes are available for friends and family, as supplies last.

Registration & Package Pick-up

Who is the ride open to?
The Oktoberfest Ride is open to any cyclist who wants to take on the challenge.  Riders under 18 must have the written permission of their parent or guardian. 

Is there an Entry Fee for the Oktoberfest Ride?
Yes, please see the
Registration Page for details

What is the entry fee?

The Registration Fee varies over time.  Please see the Registration Page for details.
Tandem teams must enter as 2 individuals.  

How do I Register?
On-line registration is available on BikeReg.  For full details on registration, please visit our
Registration Page.   Our registration partner is They make registration a fast and simple process. 

Is Registration Refundable?
No, all registrations are final, are not refundable or transferable.  Should the event be cancelled for reasons of force majeure, entry fees will not be refunded.  Registration Insurance may be purchased through

Is there a minimum age for participants?

The minimum age for participants is 12 years old – these courses are challenging and demanding. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while on the route, and must have their registration form and waiver signed by their legal parent or guardian.

What do I get with my Entry Fee?
A great day on the bike, on a unique and challenging course, post ride food and drink (beer is available for participants >21 years old).  Plus you get the support of the Aid Stations, technical support, a professionally marked course, GPS Data, etc.  .

I have registered but can’t participate – can I get a refund or transfer to another rider?

Unfortunately not; all entries are final.  The entry fee is non-refundable and non–transferable.  

Where do I pick up my registration package?

Sunday, October 22;  6:45 – 8:15 am at Appalachian Brewing Company in Collegeville PA

Can someone else pick up the packet for me?

Yes, but they will need to bring a copy of your photo ID as well as a waiver signed by you.  


Can I ride for a charity? Can I do fundraising?
Absolutely; we highly encourage you to ride for a cause. The Collegeville Volunteer Fire Company and Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy are Official Charity Partners.  Payment of your entry fee guarantees that they will benefit from your participation.  You may elect to do fundraising and make additional donations during the registration, package pick-up process, or after the event. 

If you elect to raise funds for another charity, you may do so on your own.  We cannot redirect the charitable portion of your entry fee elsewhere.  


How long are the rides; how much climbing is there, how many aid stations?

The long (standard) course is 62 miles with approximately 4000 feet of climbing.  There will be one aid station.
The short course is 46 miles with approximately 2900 feet of climbing.  This course also has one aid station

Please note that this information is provisional, and is subject to change at any time.  The data is courtesy of

How will the courses be marked? 
The course will be marked with clearly identifiable signs and/or road marks.  In certain areas they may be supplemented with police or marshals.  

Typically, a single arrow indicates the direction of an upcoming turn, double arrows are at the turn itself, and a single confirmation arrow follows the turn.   However, there are some situations where advance marks are not possible.  

There will not be a lot of directional signs/marks between turns, though confusing points or major intersections will be well marked.  The golden rule is: if you don’t see a sign, don’t turn!  Riders should carry and utilize the provided cue sheets, should something errant happens to any course markings (road marks gets covered by debris, someone removes or turns a sign, etc.).  GPS files will be published prior to the event.

Are the roads closed for traffic?

All roads will be open to regular traffic.  Riders must obey all traffic laws at all times and ride on the right hand side of the road. Riders must follow the instructions of police officers, course marshals and volunteers to avoid disqualification.


What type of bike can I ride for the event?

We suggest that you use a traditional road bicycle, as it is the best option for this type of ride.  However, you may also ride a mountain bike, touring bike, cyclocross bike, hybrid bike, single speed (with at least 1 brake), a recumbent, or a tandem if you desire.  If you choose to ride as a tandem, both riders must register as individuals for the event.  Bikes with trailers and children’s seats are not allowed for safety reasons.

Can I use a Time Trial or Triathlon Bike?
Yes, while we do not encourage it, you may ride with a time trial or triathlon bicycle.  Likewise, if you have a road bike with aero bars, you are permitted to use it.  However, you are prohibited to ride in your aero bars while in the immediate proximity of others (it is a serious safety issue).. 

Can I use a Fixed Gear Bike?
We don’t recommend it as there are many tough climbs, and some rough descents, but if you are comfortable on such terrain, we don’t prohibit it and welcome you to give it a go.  However, all bicycles must have at least 1working brake; track bikes without brakes are prohibited!  

What should I wear?

You should wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions of the day.  All riders must:

wear a certified cycling helmet with buckled chin straps at all times on the bike

have the bib number pinned to the back of their jersey 

keep the wristband on for aid station and post-event festivities

Please note that headphones of any kind are not allowed.

I am traveling from far away and don’t want to bring my own bike. Can I rent a bike somewhere?

If you desire to rent a bicycle, we suggest you plan well in advance.  Please check with our official bicycle retail partners for possible bicycle rental.  You may also wish to investigate websites such


How many aid stations does Oktoberfest Ride have and what do they provide?

There is one aid station along the courses with food and drinks

Please note that no food or water is available at the start. Make sure your bottles are filled and carry a snack that keeps you going for the first part of the ride.

Aid Stations are stocked with food, drinks, porta potties, first aid kits.

Food includes energy products, electrolyte drinks, fruit, peanut butter & jelly, cookies, and some pleasant surprises.  If you have any dietary limitations, we suggest you plan to accommodate your individual needs.  

What do I do if I have a mechanical issue on course?

First, move out of the path of fellow cyclists and off of the road onto the shoulder or other safe location.  

We encourage all participants to know basic safety and repair skills, including flat tire repair.  Be prepared and bring basic tools, extra inner tube(s), your own pump or CO2 cartridges and extra tubes for your bike. If you can fix the issue yourself, move off the course and proceed with your repairs. 

If you require technical assistance, please call the Command Center telephone number on your cue sheet and tell them your problem and your location.  A SAG or Technical Support Vehicle will arrive as soon as possible.

If necessary, a SAG vehicle will take you to an Aid Station where mechanical support may be available, or to the finish line.

What if I need medical assistance?

If you or a fellow rider experience a medical emergency, dial 911, and report your exact location using the cue sheet as a guide, then dial the contact number found on your cue sheet, and report the problem to the Command Center.

What if I have a bad day and realize I won’t be able to finish?

The Oktoberfest Ride will have SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles along the course for any cyclists who are unable to finish the event

If you can, try to make it to the next aid station on the route, where you will have food, water, as well as volunteers to keep you company. 

If you are unable to ride to a Rest Stop, please move off the road onto the shoulder or another safe location.  Call the Command Center telephone number on your cue sheet, and tell them the problem and your location.  A SAG Vehicle will arrive as soon as possible.  The SAG vehicle will bring you to the nearest aid station or to the finish area.  Please keep in mind this is not a personal taxi service and that other participants also require support.  

Will there be food at the finish?

Yes, there will be food and drinks at the post-event festivities.  

Travel & Transportation

Where do I park?

Parking is available on-site at the Appalachian Brewing Company facility.    

Where do I stay overnight?

We do not offer any official hotels at this time.  We suggest searching in the Collegeville and Valley Forge/King of Prussia areas.